Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies

Our Mission


Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies is focused on two things: making sure people who are hungry have enough food to eat and fixing our democracy by making it exponentially easier to vote.

One is a problem we tackle short-term every year by running legislation in states to expand funding for programs like school breakfast. The other is a very long term initiative to allow people to vote in elections on their phones (via blockchain). We all know our government and democracy is fundamentally broken. We believe the only way to fix it is by making sure politicians have to represent all voters and not just the handful who currently vote in primaries or donate money.

Btw, we know that there are thousands of worthy causes out there that merit support. These happen to be ours.


Our Team


Our dedicated team works with partners to find jurisdictions where we can have a real impact through new legislation or outreach programs.  We develop campaigns and build the right team on the ground (including lobbying, PR, polling, digital) and we fund and manage each campaign in each location.


Bradley tusk

Bradley is the Founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, which includes Tusk Ventures, Tusk Strategies, Kronos Archives, Ivory Gaming and Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies. Bradley is a venture capitalist, political strategist and writer.

Previously, Bradley served as campaign manager for Mike Bloomberg, as Deputy Governor of Illinois and as Communications Director for Senator Charles Schumer. 

Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies, Bradley’s family foundation, funds and runs campaigns in states across the U.S. to increase funding for anti-hunger programs like school breakfast and food stamp enrollment. They are also working to create mobile voting so people can vote in elections on their phones.

Bradley writes a regular column for The Observer, hosts a podcast called Firewall, and has a book coming out this September about his adventures in protecting disruptors from the bad guys. Bradley is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he received his BA and has a JD from the University of Chicago Law School.  He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

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sheila nix

Sheila leads Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies with close to three decades of leadership in political, domestic policy and innovative nonprofit operations. Most recently, as the Chief of Staff to Dr. Jill Biden and as a Deputy Assistant to President Obama, Sheila coordinated policy and communications for signature efforts serving veterans, teachers, students, and women and girls across the globe.

Sheila previously worked on voter outreach plans for various presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, helped develop policies as Deputy Governor of Illinois and Chief of Staff to two US Senators, and coordinated resources across the country to fight poverty and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa as the U.S. Executive Director of Bono’s ONE Campaign. She is a graduate of Creighton University and the University of Chicago Law School. Sheila serves on the Board of Trustees of Creighton University and serves as an advisor to the Board of Save the Children. She is based out of our Chicago office.